Peyman Umay on EBRU TV

A news piece on our Creative Director Peyman Umay (a.k.a. The fashion designer who leads the trend of bespoke suits in NY)

You have customized cutlery these days, so why not made- to -order suits? Bespoke suits speak well for the men who wear them. They’re a hot trend in NYC these days, where your suits tell your story.

Wall Street is known for its natty attire. Peyman Umay, a fashion designer from Turkey, is leading the trend of custom designed suits or Bespoke Suits in NYC.

The term ‘bespoke’ indicates an item made to a buyer’s specification. In this case, an executive’s suit speaks volumes of his style.

“Once you have a bespoke suit made for you, there is no way you can go back to off the rack outfits. It makes you feel special,” exclaims Umay.

He adds, “But this special feeling does come at a high price. Bespoke suits are generally well over $1000. But if you have the budget, you can have a suit made of gold, literally.”

Prices vary, depending on fabric. A bespoke suit starts from $3000 upwards. Puff Daddy paid $35000 for his suit. He wanted gold stripes, after all.

“Some might scoff at spending so much on suits. But clients are willing yo pay big money for intricate and intimate details. Specifics make all the difference,” states Umay.

“We call it a three step appointment. The first includes taking measurements. The other one is a consultation. The final step is wardrobe assessment. We offer these at no cost. We tell our clients about their complexions and proportions. Everyone is born with a unique physique, face, eye, shape of the head, everything. That is why I say dressing well is celebrating the gift you have,” explains Umay.

If there’s one major theme in the fashion world, it’s-what you wear is an expression of who you are.

Getting exactly what you want with the perfect fit, is cultivated over time with meticulous effort. And when it comes to wearing a suit, the Bespoke designer, is a master of tailored art.