Black Floral Tie

    This fresh looking black tie is crafted from a black micro-silk fabric. The modern tone-in-tone floral patterns make this tie classic yet playful, perfect for on-and-off work occasions. We suggest you combine it with...

    Burgundy-Purple Multicolor Tie

    Woven with slanted burgundy and purple colors along with horizontal and vertical micro striped pattern, this handsome time caters to those who want classic but modern at the same time....

    Burgundy-Silver Striped Tie

    Featuring white and navy slanted stripes against a vibrant dark burgundy background, this handsome tie is crafted from a refined micro-silk fabric, making it a perfect tie for your business outfits, Pair it with...

    Red Plaid Tie

    This red plaid micro silk tie from Peyman Umay creates the perfect balance between eccentric and tasteful. Featuring tone-in-tone red plaids along with asymmetrical red, white and charcoal gray multi stripes, this tie...

    Fuchsia Paisley Tie

    This gorgeous tie is crafted from a refined micro-silk fabric, featuring navy paisley patterns on a vibrant fuchsia background. Combine this cool tie with a navy slim-fit Peyman Umay suit, one of our light pink...

    Dark blue Floral Tie

    This vibrant dark-blue tie features beautiful tone-in-tone floral patterns, making it classic but playful. Crafted from micro-silk fabric, this tie is perfect for your classic looks.  We suggest you combine this handsome...

    Red Paisley Tie

    Timeless paisley pattern meets a vibrant tone of dark red on this stunning piece, for those who want to stand out in the crowd with their ties. Crafted from a...

    Dark Pink-Blue Dotted Tie

    A vibrant tone of dark pink color on a solid background with a refined blue mini polka dot texture. Modern yet classic, this tie is perfect for your business attires.  We...

    Dark Red Floral Tie

    This vibrant dark red tie is crafted from a micro-silk fabric. The tone-in-tone red floral patterns make this tie classic yet playful, refined for on-and-off work occasions.  We suggest you combine this handsome tie...

    Burgundy Knit Striped Tie

    Knitted ties have a unique ability to elevate an otherwise casual outfit while also being perfectly suited to more classic attire. Crafted from poly silk, this handsome tie features textured finish...

    Orange Paisley Tie

    This Peyman Umay tie features gray and beige color paisley pattern on a vibrant orange background, for those who appreciate bright colors and playful patterns.  Crafted from a refined micro-silk...

    Burgundy-Blue Dotted Tie

    A vibrant burgundy tie featuring mini square dots crafted with refined micro-silk fabric. Modern yet classic, this tie is perfect tie for your business outfits, Pair it with a slim-fit Peyman...

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