Peyman Umay

Peyman Umay is a Turkish-American Fashion Designer. He was born in Mersin, a town on the Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey, to an engineer father and a banker mother. He has a younger sister who is an English Teacher.  

In 2002, Peyman joined the design team of Damat, a luxury menswear brand. He made remarkable contributions to the company, from brand positioning to annual sales. In 2005, Peyman Umay joined the European luxury department store chain Beymen. He worked with the creative teams for the menswear line besides designing collections for the sister brand, Limon  Company. During his time at Beymen, Umay undertook challenging assignments with his responsibility for all phases of garment design and development, helping redefine the overall image.

Peyman Umay's U.S. journey starts with his involvement in New York Fashion Week and Las Vegas Magic Show, where he presented his collections. After a promising liaison with 2 fashion houses in Europe where he designed high-end menswear collections, he moved to the U.S. in 2007. Peyman started his own line of menswear in New York City in 2011, offering bespoke clothing to private clients by appointment only.

In 2014, he launched womenswear made-to-measure collection -for ladies to go from power to play for any occasion in Peyman Umay-. Catering to the most affluent people of the U.S. from Hollywood to Sports for 4 years and being featured in many publications nationally and internationally; Umay announced his Menswear ready-to-wear line in 2015, offering a luxury collection of menswear. He opened the first Peyman Umay boutique in Aspen, Colorado the same year.

PEYMANUMAY.COM was launched beginning of 2020 featuring an extensive variety of classic and casual menswear from shirts to shoes, ties to cufflinks. PEYMAN UMAY was born in 2021, a brand-new collection of bohemian avant-garde menswear featuring off-beat eccentric pieces for men who are not afraid to stand-out. First AY boutique was opened in Tulum, Mexico the same month.

Forbes recently featured Peyman Umay as “the designer who’s taking menswear in to the 21st century with the rise of self-expression”. Peyman is the winner of ‘Menswear Designer of 2017 Rising Star Award” by Fashion Group International. He is the first and only Turkish Designer to be invited to FIT ( Fashion Institute of Technology) to teach lessons and give lectures on Fashion Design.

He resides in the U.S. , Mexico and Turkiye to oversee the ateliers and the whole-sale operations of the brand in all 3 countries.


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