Silver Gray Solid Tie

    A Timeless Silver Gray tie from Peyman Umay. Crafted from the finest micro-silk fabric, this tie is perfect combine with any color/pattern dress shirts. Feel free to pair this tie with a well-made...

    Silver-Blue Polka Dot Tie

    Woven with a micro-silk fabric, this chic tie features blue and white polka dots on a solid silver background. The pronounced 2 color polka dots make this tie perfectly versatile for different color shirt...

    Burgundy-Silver Striped Tie

    Featuring white and navy slanted stripes against a vibrant dark burgundy background, this handsome tie is crafted from a refined micro-silk fabric, making it a perfect tie for your business outfits, Pair it with...

    Silver Checkered Tie

    This timeless silver tie features tone-in-tone checkerds on a refined background texture, making it perfect to easily combine with any color shirts.  Crafted from finest micro-silk fabric, you can pair this...

    Gray Knit Striped Tie

    Knitted ties have a unique ability to elevate an otherwise casual outfit while also being perfectly suited to more classic attire. Crafted from poly silk, this handsome tie features black and...

    Gray-Dark Blue Striped Tie

    Featuring dark blue slanted stripes on a vibrant gray-blue background, this cool tie is crafted from a refined micro-silk fabric. Pair it with a navy  slim-fit Peyman Umay suit, one of our blue...

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