Peyman Umay’s “TIP TUESDAY”

With Spring finally here Peyman Umay Bespoke has been noticing that light blue is one of the hottest colors this spring. Update your wardrobe this season with Peyman Umay!
April 22, 2019 by PEYMAN UMAY

Dressing Well

Dressing well is not a matter of buying the popular designer pieces or owning an expensive wardrobe, learning how to dress well is much like trying to build a beautiful place to live. 
April 22, 2019 by PEYMAN UMAY

FGI Awards Peyman Umay 'Rising Star' WINNER for Menswear

Creative Director, Peyman Umay, won the Rising Star award for the category of menswear for 2017. 
April 22, 2019 by PEYMAN UMAY

Peyman Umay on Successful People In The USA

Creative Director Peyman Umay being interviewed in the “Successful Turkish people in the US” series by Bloomberg TV on his story and new projects

April 22, 2019 by PEYMAN UMAY

The Elegance Is Hidden In The Details

‘Peyman Umay Made-To-Measure Collection’, is created with the theme, “THE ELEGANCE IS HIDDEN IN THE DETAILS“, taking ‘the made-to-measure experience’ to a different level.

Peyman Umay made-to-measure suits are not accessible by mass production. Each suit and shirt is made by hand exactly to your measurements by expert craftsmanship in New York City. The passion that we bring to our made-to-measure items intensifies the original character that only wearers of Peyman Umay suits can experience. Our specialty focuses on the unmistakable feel of the clothing that complements one’s natural gifts, which has contributed to our loyal clientele.

Our suits enhance the natural curves of one’s physique with high thread count fabrics and high quality, full canvas interlining. The layer between the lining and fabric provides structure for the essential weight needed for a perfect form. We source only the superior quality of richly-textured fabrics, which include the finest of Italian, British, Australian wools and Mongolian cashmeres, at high thread counts of 120 or more.

Our shirts are hand-tailored from the finest 2-ply Egyptian cotton with all the features you would expect to find in a luxury shirt. We combine the finest construction with distinctive details that ensure our high-end standards. We provide the customization option of style and lining, which gives a personalized look to our unique suits. Off-the-rack apparel can never deliver the edgy look of a perfectly fitted suit, shirt, tie and pocket square combination enriched with the details of ‘Peyman Umay Made-To-Measure Collection.’


For a man who wishes to add a flower to his buttonhole, functional lapel buttonhole is the best. In the early 1900′s of the suit history, every suit came with a functional lapel buttonhole, a sign of a gentleman and a man who had the wealth to afford made-to-measure clothing. Machine made suits are unable to have a functional lapel buttonhole.


Pick stitching is a subtle line of silk thread that runs along the end of a suit’s lapels, and around the entire suit. Done by hand, this is one of the true signs of custom workmanship, usually reserved for made-to-measure suits.


That small flapped pocket above the right hip pocket on a jacket is usually called a waist pocket or a ticket pocket.


Pen pocket is a simple and practical addition to your suit. This is a must have customization option for business men.


Pen pocket is a simple and practical addition to your suit. This is a must have customization option for business men.


Slanted pockets are a mark of an Italian cut suit. Originally designed to make it easier for men to reach into their pockets while horseback riding, slanted pockets today add character to an otherwise standardized part of a man’s suit.


A functional buttonhole is one the of the most obvious signs of a made-to-measure suit. You can signify that you are wearing a hand made suit by keeping the closest button to your hand undone. For the man who wears suits casually, one can even go so far as to unbutton all of the cuff buttons and roll up the suit sleeves to show off its lining.









April 22, 2019 by PEYMAN UMAY