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With Spring finally here Peyman Umay Bespoke has been noticing that light blue is one of the hottest colors this spring. Update your wardrobe this season with Peyman Umay! Call (212) 658-1446 or email appt@peymanumay.com to schedule an appointment. For a good read, check out the best of Peyman Umay’s “Tip Tuesday” from his Facebook page and don’t forget to become a fan of our page!

Tip Tuesday #1: A light gray suit pairs well with white, light blue, and almost any pale colored shirt. Although if you have a lighter skin tone, go for a bolder color like a navy, or a burgundy.

Tip Tuesday #2: Rather than matching a navy jacket with a traditional white shirt, try adding color with a light blue shirt and a gold or yellow tie. This color combination is classy and suitable for most occasions.

Tip Tuesday #3: A dark, patterned pocket square provides a welcome visual anchor to a light-colored suit.

Tip Tuesday #4: You can never go wrong with a great pair of fitting jeans and a bespoke blazer!

Tip Tuesday #5: Black, charcoal gray and navy suits dominate the men’s suit industry for good reason. Most men are complimented by one or more of these dark colors. Dark suits have the ability to seamlessly transition from business to pleasure, in addition to offering a slimming effect of the silhouette.

Tip Tuesday #6: Your jacket should contour to your body, as well as having a tailor nip at the sides. This will accentuate your shoulders, whether you’ve got strong ones or not.

Tip Tuesday #7: Have your suit dry cleaned infrequently, since it can be brutal on suiting fabric. A suit is an investment, especially if it is a Peyman Umay suit, so you will want to preserve its integrity.

Hope you enjoyed!

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